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Experiencing Divorce: The Divorcing Couple

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Divorce

DIVORCE IS PAINFUL: Divorce is both a legal action and tough emotional experience that can oftentimes take several months to years to resolve. Couples experiencing divorce encounter an abundance of feelings such as failure, disappointment, loss of identity or status, loss of structure, uncertainty, financial insecurity, rejection, anger, and depression. One of the toughest feelings can be rejection, and it’s difficult for people to think well of themselves when they are feeling rejected. 

There can be three main stages that people experience as they are getting divorced. 

  • Resistance
    • Denial is often the fuel that feeds the resistance stage of the divorcing process. People in denial cannot yet face the reality of the end of their marriage. Many people experience extreme anger and guilt in the resistance stage, feelings that seem out of proportion and often irrational.
  • Grief 
    • Hope, a dream, or an ideal of marriage can be given up on during this time. Just as people have an opportunity to go to a grief support group, they also can attend a divorce support group with their mental health professional, at a local church, or even online. 
  • Recovery
    • In time, people reach a point where their feelings aren’t as intense as they used to be. They are focusing more on the future than the past. While the recovery stage is generally a happier and less painful stage, it has its own difficulties. It takes courage to try out new ways of living. Divorce tends to deflate self-confidence, and it takes a lot of time and patience to build it back up.

Although the divorce process can be very tough at times, there will be moments of healing and confidence to move forward. In time, you and your family will create a new normal and feel better about your new situation. 

Seeking professional help is normally a necessary step while approaching divorce. An experienced lawyer can provide legal assistance and some counseling. But frequent professional counseling is needed from a licensed professional mental health expert and a licensed financial professional. 


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