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Grandparents Rights & the Rights of Others

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Grandparents’ & Fathers’ Rights

In theory, fathers have the same legal rights as mothers. In practice, a variety of social and biological factors often prevent fathers from being recognized as legitimate parents. At The Law Office Of Tim Whitten, P.C., we believe that you are more than a child support check.

Fathers’ rights include, but are not limited to:

  • The right to have access to the children.
  • The right to make decisions about the children’s upbringing, like education, religion and healthcare.
  • The right to file a protest if the mother tries to move far away with the children.

No father has rights, however, without first establishing legal paternity of the child. Establishing paternity means you have rights as well as the responsibility to pay child support.

Grandparents’ Rights in Texas

In Texas, being a grandparent doesn’t automatically give you any special rights regarding your grandchild.

If you have spent a substantial amount of time raising your grandchild while the parents were absent, you may be named a “de facto” parent. This would give you certain rights and would help open the door to options like conservatorship and adoption.

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