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Family Focused & Solution Oriented- The Law Office of Tim Whitten, P.C.

In divorce, more conflict often means more expense and emotional stress. The Law Office Of Tim Whitten, P.C. is committed to reducing conflict and thereby reducing the stress and expense of divorce for our clients and their children. Our principle attorney, Tim Whitten, has practiced law since 1992 and has been Certified as a Family Law Specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Certification.

Helping You Choose the Best Strategies to Resolve Your Divorce

Every divorce is different. You might be in conflict over your property, and how best to divide your assets and debts. You might be struggling with what is a reasonable amount to ask for child support or spousal maintenance.

You may also be at odds over how best to share possession of the children. More than anything, you are probably wondering how any of these puzzle pieces can be put together in a form that will make the most sense for your family in a post-divorce world.

Our Central Texas Divorce Lawyers can help you choose the divorce resolution strategy that best accomplishes your goals while reducing malice, expense, and emotional hardship as much as possible. While we highly recommend cooperative strategies like Collaborative Divorce and divorce mediation, we are fully capable of litigating even the toughest interpersonal disputes.

We handle a full range of divorce issues including:

The Law Office Of Tim Whitten, P.C. is dedicated to providing honest, ethical, and personal service to each of our clients. Our Central Texas Divorce Attorneys believe that all parties benefit when they commit to treating each other with civility and respect. We believe that no one benefits more from this approach than the children of the families involved in divorce.

To discuss your situation, call our Central Texas Divorce Attorneys at 512-478-1011. We can also be reached by contacting us online.

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