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The adoption process is a wonderful way to expand your family, but it is important to remember that adoption is also a legal process. As such, it is subject to strict regulations.

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Helping Make Adoption a Reality

Our Central Texas adoption lawyer has extensive experience helping clients create new families through the adoption process. As your law firm, we will guide you through the entire procedure, working closely with you until you bring your new son or daughter into your home.

We advise new parents and families on the requirements and legal effects of a prospective adoption, including:

  • International or interstate adoption: Adoptions that cross state or international lines can become very complex, as it will be necessary to consider both American and foreign laws.
  • Stepparent adoption: If you are looking to formalize your relationship with your stepchild, we can help you prepare an adoption.
  • Nontraditional family adoption: Nontraditional families can encounter difficulties during the adoption process. Our firm will help you overcome these challenges.
  • Grandparent adoption: If you are seeking to adopt your grandchild, our experienced lawyers will guide you through the process.
  • Contested adoptions: Contested adoptions can be complex and acrimonious. Our firm will help you protect the best interests of your child.
  • Adult adoptions: An adult adoption can be used to establish intestate inheritance rights or to formalize a pre-existing relationship. Call our office to learn more.

We can help you fulfill the legal requirements for an adoption, such as obtaining a social study and an order terminating parental rights, filing a petition for adoption, and obtaining final approvals related to name change and issuance of the new birth certificate.

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At the Law Office of Tim Whitten, P.C., our goal is to help you understand your rights and prepare you for each step of the process. We have the experience necessary to help you complete the adoption process as efficiently as possible so that you can avoid legal pitfalls that could result in expensive delays or an adoption denial.

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