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We know that when a divorce threatens an estate, tensions may run high. Texas is a community property state, which means that all possessions and finances that are owned by a divorcing couple are usually divided 50/50. This can lead to worries over losing property, which is where our lawyer can assist.

At The Law Office Of Tim Whitten, P.C., our goal is to seek satisfactory solutions through collaborative negotiation, when possible, and litigation when necessary. When emotions are driving property division issues, the disputes can be messy. Allow us to bring calm to the situation.

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How We Can Help with Property Division

Property division can be complex, especially when the parties seeking divorce have amassed large amounts of money, property, and possessions. Our attorney can handle it all.

The Law Office Of Tim Whitten, P.C. is ready to assist you through:

  • Business division
  • Child support appropriation
  • Investment division
  • Division and sale of vehicles
  • Real estate sales, negotiations, and divisions
  • Spousal support appropriation
  • Marital property division

We understand that money and property can be precious, holding high-emotional value. Clients often may want to keep a faithful vehicle, a unique collection, or their marital home. Almost all divorces require some hard conversations and we are here to facilitate healthy, collaborative negotiation, whenever possible. Let us assist in arriving at a fair, satisfactory resolution. Negotiating out of court with our attorney may save money and time in court fees and appointments.

Retirement Accounts & Divorce

For individuals and their spouses that have a large nest egg in the form of a retirement account, filing a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) may be appropriate. A QDRO allows spouses to designate a second payee. This means that when it comes time to access the account, the money will be divided. A QDRO can be used for most retirement payouts and pensions. However, it does not work for some military and government plans. Without a QDRO, dividing a retirement account brings severe tax penalties. It is very difficult to access the money before the listed employee reaches retirement age.

Let our Central Texas family law attorney stand by your side as you negotiate your divorce. Call 512-478-1011 to learn more.

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